Australian Courses

Australian Students – Distance Learning

South Coast Hydrotherapy School also offers the certificate and diploma in conjunction with DogSwim Canberra located in the Australian Capital Territory. DogSwim’s head therapist Jordan trained with us a number of years ago and has since obtained a UK vocational training and assessment qualification which enables students to complete practical training in Australia without having to travel to the UK.

For the theory component, the unit workbooks are sent by module and completed in your own time with close tutorial assistance.

Once Module 1 of the theory has been satisfactorily completed, an intense practical period of 40 hours will be undertaken (mutually agreeable dates will be arranged) to provide the experience and assessments required (in Australia with DogSwim Canberra). To provide the maximum amount of practical hands-on experience, the class numbers are limited to ONE per course. This means that each student has at least the required 40 hours practical experience on the job training.

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